2 Easy DIY fall crafts!

It’s less than two weeks away until Thanksgiving, everyone is getting pumped about Christmas, but it’s not too late to celebrate with some last minute fall decor! These are two quick, cheap, and easy crafts that anyone can do to spruce up the house last minute.

This first one I saw on Pinterest and fell in love. It was super simple and super cute. I also think it could transfer over into the Winter season as well.

Supplies needed:

-Pinecones (I went and picked some from the yard)

-String (I used raffia that I already had and it worked perfect)

image5 (2)

The easiest way to accomplish this is to tie a knot first, and then slip it over the pinecone. Once it is on there then tighten it. I wasn’t sure how tight the raffia would stay, but it held fine.

image3 (2)

image4 (2)

image6 (2)


This craft is that easy, and it only takes about 5 minutes!

The next one may be even easier..

Supplies needed:

-Mason Jar



I have been obsessed with this simple decor lately. I started doing it in the summer and change it every holiday/season. It is as easy as finding some festive ribbon and tying it around the top, and filling it with festive candy.

image2 (2)

As you can see both of these crafts are level one easy, and super cute!

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image1 (3)

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