Weight Loss Journey: Week 1

Ahhh, 42 weeks until I get married? That’s crazy! And like every bride-to-be I am looking to lose some weight for the big day. Not only for that, but my health as well. I though it would be fun to document my journey and maybe inspire someone else out there! One of my grandmas suggested […]

Save for your next Disney trip!

My siblings and I have recently decided to make a trip down to the happiest place ever. This means it’s time to save up! What better way to do that than a quick, cute jar to help you save up? This literally takes 5 minutes and is super easy! Supplies needed: mason jar sharpies or […]

5 tips for San Francisco

I recently took a much needed trip to San Francisco and much to my surprise it wasn’t a perfect Pinterest trip like I planned! Don’t get me wrong I had a blast, but I usually plan for trips based on things I find on Pinterest (lame I know). So, unlike other guides for trips to […]

Easy DIY Button Christmas Cards!

Ahhhh, December is quickly approaching us, and that means Christmas is as well. One of my favorite things to do during this time of year is making my own Christmas cards! I find it way more fun than going out and buying some in the store. I also have sort of a theme, buttons. So far […]

2 Easy DIY fall crafts!

It’s less than two weeks away until Thanksgiving, everyone is getting pumped about Christmas, but it’s not too late to celebrate with some last minute fall decor! These are two quick, cheap, and easy crafts that anyone can do to spruce up the house last minute. This first one I saw on Pinterest and fell […]

DIY Disney Ears!

It seemed like every time I went on Pinterest or Youtube I saw a tutorial on DIY Minnie ears, and I fell in love each time. So, when I made the decision to go to Disneyland this December I knew what it meant for me…I get to make my own ears!! I started planning right […]

DIY Fall Candles!

The minute I stumbled across this pin, I knew I needed to try it! It was pretty easy, and I love the way it came out. Not expensive either! The original pin I saw: It looked easy enough! Supplies needed: -Mason Jar. I bought a pack of 12 for around $10 dollars at Walmart. -Modge […]

DIY Cheap Fall Decor!

Everyone is always so excited to decorate for Halloween and Christmas, but let’s not forget about Thanksgiving! It is easily skipped and overlooked due to the lack of options in stores. This easy DIY tutorial will help to add some cute, festive decor to help celebrate November! I found this pin on pinterest not too […]