Save for your next Disney trip!

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My siblings and I have recently decided to make a trip down to the happiest place ever. This means it’s time to save up! What better way to do that than a quick, cute jar to help you save up?

This literally takes 5 minutes and is super easy!

Supplies needed:


  • mason jar
  • sharpies or oil based sharpies
  • paper and pencil
  • scissors

So, let’s talk about sharpies for a moment. You could easily use just normal sharpies, but I chose to use my oil based ones. These are more used on glass and what you would to decorate mugs and what not. I just think they look better on these types of things! I bought mine off of amazon and love them!

Unless you have awesome free-hand drawing skills (I don’t), you’re next step is going to be a template! Since I don’t have a printer I take a light colored piece of paper and hold it up to my laptop and trace! Super simple!

DSC_0826 (2)

Add some tape to the back and trace!

DSC_0831 (2)

DSC_0832 (3)

Time for your creativity to kick in! I chose to do two different colors and make dots slowing fading out from the mickey head! There are endless possibilities here!

DSC_0833 (2)

DSC_0835 (2)

DSC_0836 (2)

Disney Jar

And…DONE! Only thing left to do is save!


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