DIY Cheap Fall Decor!

Everyone is always so excited to decorate for Halloween and Christmas, but let’s not forget about Thanksgiving! It is easily skipped and overlooked due to the lack of options in stores. This easy DIY tutorial will help to add some cute, festive decor to help celebrate November!

I found this pin on pinterest not too long ago, and decided it looked easy enough to do.

Here is the link to the pin I found-

Supplies you will need:
-Spray paint in colors of your choice (I chose to use satin over gloss)
-White chalk marker
I grabbed all of this at my local Walmart for around $10 dollars.


I grabbed some bottles from the store for relatively cheap. The two big ones were 2 for $5, and the smaller was just so cute I grabbed it as well, it was $2 bucks. I picked these ones because I liked how tall they were, and there was plenty of space to write on them.

Next it was time to get rid of the labels. I learned a trick from my grandma back in the day and it worked perfect for this task. I just simply took a big bowl, but you can really use any container that the bottles will fit in, all I had was a bowl. Add a little bit of simple dish soap, some water, and let it soak! It only took about 2 minutes of soaking before it easily peeled right off.

After that they were all shiny, clean, and ready to go!


Time to paint!
This is the fun part. I went into the back room of my house and went at it. While I was painting them I tilted the bottles at a slight angle and sprayed the paint from a decent amount of length away. It only took one coat, and they dried really fast.

As you can see the paint does get every where (including my walls) so you are going to want to put down something on your work surface so it doesn’t get ruined!
I let these dry for a solid 15 minutes just to make sure they were dried completely.

This next part can be totally custom and reflect any creativity or personality. I chose to do the lettering I feel I am best at and went to work. The chalk marker was super easy to work it, and for the price did a lot better than I thought it would. I didn’t have to press down hard or anything. The white paint does take a little bit to dry, so be sure to be careful and not touch it or smear it! If that does happen though a little water will take it right off. That’s the best part! If you don’t like where the design is going, just erase it!

Lastly you add the raffia. It is super simple to work with. I started out with one strand and just wrapped it where I wanted it and tied it off in a simple knot. I then went back with two strands of the raffia, wound it around, and left enough to tie a bow. Super simple! I cut the excess to the length I wanted them, and DONE!


For my third bottle I just decided to go half and half with the colors and did a little design that matched what I did with the bigger two. I think it came out cute!


This DIY was super simple, and I am super excited to add these to my decorations! Total time with drying was about 30 minutes (not bad!). Total cost was about $15 for me, but could be cheaper if you have empty bottles laying around! You could easily turn these into a decoration for any holiday/occasion just by switching up the colors and phrases!


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