Easy DIY Button Christmas Cards!

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Ahhhh, December is quickly approaching us, and that means Christmas is as well. One of my favorite things to do during this time of year is making my own Christmas cards! I find it way more fun than going out and buying some in the store. I also have sort of a theme, buttons. So far the past two years I have done something that has involved buttons on the cards, and well this year I threw them on there too! These cards are super simple and fun to make, so let’s get to it!

Supplies needed:

-Card stock or a blank set of cards and envelopes. I got a huge set last year from Michael’s craft store.

-Tacky glue or modge podge.

-Sharpie or any kind of pen.


I’ve used these ones from Amazon before and they worked great!

The ones shown below are from Walmart, the whole pack was about 6 dollars.

image5 (3)

Like I said these are really easy so this should be quick!

First, fold your card in half. Then pick out a button of your liking and glue it to the middle of the card like so.

image4 (3)

Next we add the eyes and antlers! TIP: try to make the line of the antlers start on the outer corner of the eyes. If you do it any closer to the inside it makes the reindeer look mad (haha).

image3 (3)

Almost done!

Lastly, add any holiday phrases/greetings and you’re done!

My inspiration photo for these cards didn’t have a border, but I threw one on there because I thought it tied them all together!

image1 (4)

I LOVE these! There is so much room for tons of creativity with them too!

image1 (5)

Hopefully you found this tutorial helpful, and if you would like to share this post with friends and family don’t be afraid to hit those buttons down below! ♥


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